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Marcus's parents met by way of the military, which is what brought them to the area. He was born at the Fort Riley hospital and was raised in Manhattan.

While growing up and going through the public school system, it was in high school that Marcus learned that he valued getting involved to serve others.  He was involved in student organizations like SADD and TLT in high school, amongst other organizations.  He was also one of the class speakers of his graduating class.  It was also during his high school years that he started working at the movie theater.

Marcus attended K-State and joined the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity his freshman year.  From there, he got involved with the Interfraternity Council, the Student Governing Association (SGA), New Student Services, and the Office of Student Activities & Services.  During the last year of his undergraduate degree, he realized that he had a passion for higher education and working with college students.  He applied and was admitted into the Counseling & Student Development Master's program.

During his graduate school years, he became an advisor for his Fraternity, got involved with SGA (again), and joined the Manhattan Area Risk Prevention Coalition (MARPC).  He graduated with his Master's and immediately started pursuing his PhD in Counseling & Student Development.  Through his involvement with MARPC, he was advised to apply to be on the Joint Corrections Advisory Board (JCAB).

Today, Marcus works in the College of Education at K-State and focuses on enrollment management in his daily work.  He is still in pursuit of his doctorate and hopes to continue his work in Higher Education upon completing that degree.  Marcus is committed to positively impacting the communities that he is a part of.  To learn more about Marcus Kidd, please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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